nice to meet you

i’m sarah bronson. owner of all my heart bridal in kansas city. industry collaboration partner with ea bride magazine. leader of the kc chapter of rising tide society. and founder of for better + for worse.

really the only thing you need to know about me is my obsession with harry potter is legit, and will never end. i love to travel the world with my husband. cuddle with my pups on the couch. and drink all the coffee i can get.




here’s the deal

the only way we grow as women, and in business, is by educating ourselves in an ever-changing industry. my goal in life is to surround myself with people who are smarter than me, and can challenge me to be my best self, both professionally and personally. and this is exactly what for better + for worse is all about.

i may not be a multi-million dollar company (yet), or be a household name (maybe someday). i’m still figuring my shit out too, just like everyone else, but my goal is to create a vast community of wedding professionals that prioritize community over competition, and promise to encourage one another to be the best in our industry for our clients.

so. get ready for the journey of your life. i know i can’t wait!