for better + for worse

EP10 - Sarah interviews Britney Jones, owner of EA Bride Magazine, Kansas City's local publication for all things wedding. Britney talks about how to build a team, how print advertising isn't dead, and why now more than ever wedding businesses should be investing in advertising.




got the business vibes?

listen, starting a business is fucking hard. i get it, trust me, i’ve started lots. and opening a business in the wedding industry? girl, yes, it is glamorous (at times), and fun (when your clients aren’t making you re-think every decision you’ve ever made), and looks picture perfect (thanks to your gloriously curated instagram). but it will also be the most challenging thing you will do, and we all need a friend in the process, so welcome to for better or for worse.

here we teach you how to love your business, and always strive to be your best self in the better times of your business, but even more so in the worst. we interview women from all facets of the wedding industry who share their stories about how they’re making it, and bring you tangible business advice you can implement into your business today. yup, that’s right.

for better or for worse will be the business partner, strategist, business coach and bestie you’ve always needed, but never knew how to get. so, sit back, tune in, and get started on building the business you love.